The Enigmatic Madam Ingram:

The Enigmatic Madam Ingram

By Meihan Boey

Published by Epigram Books

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In this exciting sequel to the multi-award-winning novel, The Formidable Miss Cassidy, Letty Ingram, a half-Malayan lady raised in the UK, has suffered under a strange curse her whole life. Her beautiful and fearsome mother, from an unknown island in the Malay Archipelago, is the key to the mystery. Letty arrives in Singapore in 1906 to seek the help of the Chinese medium, Madam Kay. But Madam Kay’s whole family gets involved, including her sister, her father…and their unusual mutual friend, the formidable Miss Cassidy.

Author Meihan Boey illustrates the lengths Letty will go to in order to save her own soul, and reveals how Miss Cassidy’s past has caught up with her, in the shape of a worthy opponent: a terrifying jungle spirit the native folk call the Bungadarah.

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