And the Award Goes to Sally Bong!:

And the Award Goes to Sally Bong!

By Sebastian Sim

Published by Epigram Books

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--Co-Winner of the 2021 Epigram Books Fiction Prize--

Sally Bong is the typical do-gooder. But her journey as an exemplary citizen of Singapore is put into question when she meets people on the margins, upending everything she has learned in school. In a follow-up to the hilarious Let’s Give It Up for Gimme Lao!, Sebastian Sim delves deeper into a nation’s psyche with more shrewd humour than ever before.



“An acerbic wit. Sim’s prose zips along breezily.” –The Straits Times

“Hilarious and almost absurdist in its storytelling, And the Award Goes to Sally Bong! strings watershed events in Singapore’s short history with the life of a dauntless but heartfelt protagonist, homing in on what it means to lead our best and authentic lives.”

Cyril Wong, Singapore Literature Prize-winning author of This Side of Heaven

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