Simply Invest: Naked Truths to Grow Your Money

Simply Invest Naked Truths to Grow Your Money

By Goh Yang Chye

Published by Epigram Books

Self Enrichment



In his long-awaited first book, Goh Yang Chye, one of the pioneering leaders of financial planning in Singapore, debunks several misconceptions and unveils scientifically-proven realities about investing that have been kept hidden for far too long:

  • why do investors keep losing money?

  • what are the factors that drive investment returns?

  • how should we react in a market crisis?

  • how do you build a better portfolio?

  • how do we protect ourselves from being cheated?

  • does everyone need a financial adviser?

From understanding market cycles to knowing what to ask your financial adviser, this book will teach you that investing – and securing your financial future – is not as complicated as it seems.