How to Make Yourself Promotable: 7 Skills to Help You Climb the Career Ladder

How to Make Yourself Promotable 7 Skills to Help You Climb the Career Ladder

By Mette Johansson

Published by MetaMind

Self Enrichment



'How to Make Yourself Promotable' is all about working on the basics to make that promotion you’re yearning for happen faster. It’s targeted especially for people who have already settled into their jobs and know they want more in corporate life.

Regardless of your profession and your industry, your knowledge – your hard skills – will be essential for success. However, this is usually not enough. If you only focus on hard skills, you can get stuck in a corner office as the most experienced specialist in your field. If you want team responsibility, you will be promoted because of your soft skills: people skills, attitude, and knowing how to get things done.

It is not about being perfect at everything. Rather, it is about becoming aware of the skills that are essential for stepping up the career ladder and steadily improving these to bring your promotion within reach.

'How to make yourself promotable' is a trusted guide on your career journey.