Drama Box 30 Keywords:

Drama Box 30 Keywords

By Quah Sy Ren

Published by Drama Box Ltd and Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd

Non Fiction



A comprehensive, multi-layered examination and discussion of Drama Box’s 30-year history, based on 30 key words. These allow you to connect and refer to the characteristics and social thought of the times on a broader level. The book offers exclusive insight into Drama Box as an independent theatre company, and incisive appreciation of Singapore’s theatre and social landscape.


Reader Reviews:

Drama Box 30 Keywords is a comprehensive collection of essays that richly detail an outstanding history and spectrum of innovative theatre-making approaches, paying the highest tribute to the gargantuan impact of a theatre of social transformation. It documents Drama Box’s ‘artivism’ that places plural voices of Singapore society at centre-stage.

Alvin Tan, Artistic Director,
The Necessary Stage, Singapore


My keyword for Drama Box: Resilience

Resilience. If it did not possess the courage of its deeply felt convictions, this fledgling theatre company that was born 30 years ago, and all the people in its fabular box, would surely have ended their theatre dreams a decade ago. Drama Box may be very small, but it has been steadfast in its resolve, with remarkable vigour and tenacity. The resilient may bend when they encounter external forces, but they will not break. Strength and endurance have been at the heart of Drama Box’s practice for 30 years, and these values continue to undergird its promise.

Han Lao Da, Theatre Veteran,


In order to flourish, Theatre of the Oppressed needs able advocates, and luckily in Singapore it found first The Necessary Stage, and then, growing out of it, Drama Box. Over its lifetime, Drama Box has clearly made its mark on Singaporean society and cultural life.

Adrian Jackson, Founding Artistic Director,
Cardboard Citizens, United Kingdom


To win acclaim for the state and to serve society are policy frameworks constructed by the state. Within such determined frameworks, to maintain independent thinking and expression so as to deconstruct, construct, and nurture a visionary culture for the future — that has been the perpetual challenge of the past 30 years.

Danny Yung, Artistic Director,
Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong


In form and in spirit, this book expresses Drama Box’s signature qualities of multi-faceted depth and innovative experimentation. It serves as a reminder that Singapore has a theatre company that is always surprising and delighting you, and which has accompanied you through 30 years of change. Its reflections on society, politics and life have brought you keywords of care and connection, of emotion and resonance. We have experienced the key moments of these keywords together. This book gives you a chance to revisit the impact of these moments, and appreciate once more their keen relevance to the present moment and to the future, thus proving that Drama Box does not just belong to Singapore, but also to the world.

Wang Wan-Jung, Professor,
National University of Tainan, Taiwan