The Sovereign God and the Christian Disciple:

The Sovereign God and the Christian Disciple

By Robert M Solomon

Published by Armour Publishing

Religion and Spirituality



The sovereignty of God is a doctrine that has been debated by Christians for centuries. For some, this remains a passionate topic, creating different camps among Christians, endlessly arguing about whether God’s sovereignty and human free will can co-exist. For the majority, the doctrine is a vague concept that remains to be explored. This book deals with these issues by examining what the Bible says about God’s sovereignty and human responsibility. It explores the sovereignty of God by looking at God as the Creator, Saviour, Shepherd and Judge, and tackles questions that commonly emerge. If we believe that God is truly sovereign, then we must live out the implications by living faithfully and responsibly—by trusting and obeying Him amid the challenges of life, praying to Him, sharing about Him with others, and serving and hoping in Him. Our relationship with Him is an important way to understand how His grace, purpose, and power invite us to respond responsibly to Him in active discipleship.

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