18 Again:

18 Again

By Kareen Lai

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Health and Medical



Do you want to stay fit and feel SEXY?

Do you feel like a STAR at home and at work?

Do you feel like you rock the world with unstoppable CONFIDENCE?

What would it take for you to achieve all these? Welcome to the world of motherhood: with many roles and multiple stress points, you can easily overwhelmed by the feeling that everyone wants a part of you. Your maternal instincts want you to look after it all, but they're also stopping you from becoming the Sexy Fit Mummy you deserve to be.

18 Again offers brilliant and inspiring alternatives to help you lead the sexy, fit and confident life you deserve after baby. With simple yet powerful strategies, it will bring you through an amazing transformation that will help you look and feel your best. And you will discover how your life change immensely once you shift your outlook and 'lean in' to the transformation.

Refreshingly direct, witty and realistic, Kareen Lai will fill you with the enthusiasm, attitude and energy you need for an enriching motherhood - a lifestyle that you deserve while rocking your body with renewed confidence.