The Un-Affirmed Core (2nd Edition): Understanding the Factors Behind and Around Homosexuality

The Un-Affirmed Core (2nd Edition) Understanding the Factors Behind and Around Homosexuality

By Bryan Shen

Published by Armour Publishing

Non Fiction



The Un-Affirmed Core gives a fresh, careful and deeply compassionate look at the great complexity of issues surrounding homosexuality. Author Bryan Shen provides rich explanations between modern psychology, real-life experiences and traditional sexual ethics. The true case stories scattered throughout are a special highlight.

This book reduces prejudice, fear and misunderstanding. It addresses the important people around those who struggle alone, afraid, confused and hidden. It equips readers with the ability to provide support, from the psychological-assistive approach as well as the spiritual-pastoral approach, to those who are in need.

Through many detailed case studies and discussions with leading therapists in the US, Asia and Europe, an integrated understanding of the factors behind and around homosexuality is detailed in this book. This understanding continues to be refined through contact with such clients and their families who struggle in silence.


Reader Reviews:

“Shen’s motivation is to reduce misunderstanding in conservative religious communities that often condemns people with same-sex attractions. He emphasises that these are not chosen, but results from a number of contributing factors beyond the control of individuals. His goal is to educate families and communities to eliminate condemnation and rejection of these individuals, and instead to be empowered to relate with understanding and compassion. None of the information goes against the teachings of the Church.”

Rev Esther Wakeman,

Ph.D. Lecturer, McGilvary College of Divinity, Payap University


“As a parent, after searching for answers and ways to understand our son better, this book was such a blessing. It is easy to read, full of wisdom, well-researched, clear, compassionate and incredibly insightful. I felt for the first time a sense of peace and encouragement on our journey as parents. An important read for all parents.”


Married and mother of three children, Australia

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