Becoming A Life Champion:

Becoming A Life Champion

By Sean Wong

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Self Enrichment



Are you heavily in debt? Are you facing relationship problems? Are you finding life meaningless? Are you feeling lost? Sean’s proven strategies will help you overcome your difficulties to achieve your breakthrough success! He was a young entrepreneur experiencing the ups and downs of the business world. He lost all his wealth, and all that he had achieved, to the volatile and hostile market changes. The bittersweet moments were more than anything he could ever have imagined. Fighting this battle was not an easy task with nasty creditors pushing him beyond his limits and friends coming against him. As the going got tougher, he had to keep himself together to face the challenges that lay ahead. Through this incredible and most taxing period of his life, he knew that his character was also undergoing a gruelling remoulding process by his Maker. Although he was saddled with debt, his spirit was filled with abundance as he walked through the fire. Many years on, what seemed like a never-ending journey actually ended and he finally saw the cheerful light of day. He had found success during his early entrepreneurial years of building up his retail business but had lost sight of the meaning of life. He never quite understood what success truly meant, but he do now. It is beyond personal achievements or financial gains. It is finding love in family and friends, having hope that he could share with others and experiencing freedom that many would never had known is possible. It is about inspiring others, helping them build their dreams and find their own meaning in life in their pursuit of love, success and freedom. That is the joy of every successful entrepreneur. His moment of inspiration became the turning point of his life. It sparked the beginning of a most beautiful journey to freedom and true happiness. His failures became his strengths and they brought him to new heights he never scaled before.