Regain Your Power:

Regain Your Power

By Brenda Tan

Published by

Self Enrichment



In this book, motivational speaker and transformational coach Brenda Tan provides simple, practical and effective approaches to empower you, help you to strengthen your relationships with loved ones and improve your ability to communicate effectively.

Eight reasons how this book can benefit you:

  1. Understand yourself deeper and why what makes you special is the secret!
  2. Improve the balance in your work and life.
  3. Strengthen the bonds with your family and loved ones.
  4. Feel self-empowered and stop succumbing to the pressure of others.
  5. Be authentic, true to yourself and loved by others.
  6. Find inspiration and happiness in your life.
  7. Learn about the path Brenda took that eventually led her to happiness, and the lessons she learnt along the way.
  8. Gift this to someone who needs to end self-sabotage.

Let Brenda give your life self-empowerment, revolutionize your personal and professional life with her life-affirming lessons.