The Seven Capital Sins and the Seven Contrary Virtues:

The Seven Capital Sins and the Seven Contrary Virtues

By Bryan Shen

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Religion and Spirituality



This book describes the seven capital sins (or deadly sins) as entities with hidden ill intent against us while they temp us in the depths of our hearts. And these are contrasted with the seven contrary virtues (or heavenly virtues) that helps us if we listen and discern carefully. The style of writing is inspired by St. John Climacus and St. John of the Cross.

This book will be an aid for those practicing, or wanting to practice, the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius' "Discernment of the Spirits". It is also suitable for teenagers wanting to live a more virtuous life.

Written by a professional counselor (registered with the SAC) who has worked with seminarians and young-adults in Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, and has also attended courses (in Rome and Chicago) on evil spirits and angels.

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