Strategies from the Three Kingdoms:

Strategies from the Three Kingdoms

By Dai Shiyan

Published by Asiapac Books

Comics and Graphic Novels



The Three Kingdoms, a foremost Chinese historical novel, has exemplified famous enactments in military strategies:

  • Leave one side of the net open
  • Lure the tiger out of the mountain
  • Murder with a borrowed knife
  • Chain the enemy with a fleet of boats

Such stratagems are also depicted in the award-winning movie production Red Cliff, which celebrates the ingenuity of the strategist Zhuge Liang against the schemes and wiles of commander Cao Cao.

Not surprisingly, these age-old tactics are the epitome of wisdom and have gained a commanding position in the corporate world. Be it business, science, technology, politics or leisure, each of these strategies will equip you to face the challenges at work, in the marketplace and even in the sports arena.