Living in Singapore: 15th Edition Reference Guide

Living in Singapore 15th Edition Reference Guide

By American Association of Singapore

Published by American Association of Singapore




Hot off the press! Published in July 2021, this is the bible for anybody living in Singapore. Truly - everything you want to know about life on the Little Red Dot is in here. Want to know how to rent a Black & White house? How to hire a helper? What sports your kids can do? Check. Check. And Check! 

Chapters include:

  • The Big Move
  • Settling In
  • Education
  • Food & Dining
  • Health & Wellness
  • Shopping
  • Transportation & Driving
  • Running the Household
  • Life with Kids
  • Life as an Adult
  • Activities, Sports & Nature
  • Arts & Culture
  • Business & Career
  • Regional Travel