The Stories of Jesus: Interpreting and Applying the Parables

The Stories of Jesus Interpreting and Applying the Parables

By Robert M Solomon

Published by Armour Publishing

Religion and Spirituality



About a third of all the teachings of Jesus was in the form of parables. Some of these stories are well-known, such as the parables of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. The challenge for Christians today is to know how to interpret the stories of Jesus. What was their intention and how should we apply them in our daily lives? This book briefly explains how Christians have interpreted the parables in the past and draws some useful pointers on how to read and apply the parables. The book then proceeds to examine 19 parables, showing how they can be interpreted and applied. In the process, many new perspectives and insights are presented. The Stories of Jesus is very useful for personal Bible study and for teaching and preaching.

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